our main purpose and ultimate goal is to more fully bring the joy of music into everyone's life...

No one else in Arizona offers HiFi with

a higher pedigree, realism, or extreme performance.



When you decide that you're comfortable with this new way to buy

and own the closest thing to a real live music experience, 

give me a call and we will set up a time to have a visit in your space.

We'll discuss your wants and needs, develop a plan that meets those criteria, work out a payment arrangement, then get everything ordered and on the way. 


We will then hand-deliver your gear, make all connections, adjust placement, tune for acoustics/equalization, and set up a warm in period. I will personally be present for all these steps and make sure your streaming options are optimized with an air of comfortable realism and total ease of use.

There are two things that I am totally confident in, my craftsman vendor partners, and my ability to assemble the highest-performing musical reproducing systems available anywhere*.

Loren Roetman



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* with consideration given to the budget

my featured craftsman vendor partners


HiFI electronics


Studio Sound Quality

Listen to your music just as it was recorded in the studio by the artists:   True studio sound quality and pioneering technologies set the standards. For more than 70 years, Revox has manufactured premium audio products that are characterised by a clear design language.





HiFi Electronics

The Gold Note brand has long been synonymous with all that is great about Italian hi-fi.

A leading Italian designer, developer and manufacturer of luxury High-End stereo systems. Discover the Italian music experience.


HiFI electronics




You could count on one hand the companies that, whatever their field of expertise, set aside any consideration of cost in the single-minded pursuit of quality. It was more than twenty years ago, now, that we took the decision to found our new enterprise upon this uncompromisingly bold ethos. We launched TIDAL on a simple proposition: That we would design and build the finest audio systems in the world.

Aerial Acoustics.gif

fine loudspeakers

lovingly created

Dedicated to continuing to provide exceptional performance and sonic fidelity, excellent engineering, high value, handsome design, responsive customer service, and long-term satisfaction in every product we build.



Reducing engineering to its fundamentals, to get you even closer to the original recording. That’s the Vertere way: coming at the whole problem, we step back, take a long hard look at the fundamentals, and look for simple, elegant solutions.

all of my craftsman vendor partners

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Just so you know, we can start at any level  in price or sophistication that you are ready for.

We can start small and grow as your means allow, or we can go for it and go big right away.

If you need more tech throughout your home, we can handle that also. Our traditional integration firm



can handle all but the most sophisticated automation systems. Our Home Cinema efforts have been a point of pride for our clients for over 20 years. We can bring you the best home cinema audio / video and the freshest interior design and furniture.

Check us out at www.desertavinterior.com

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